Standing in front of a guy makes it easier for him to hit your G-spot in all the right places—plus, having him hold you in his arms the entire time makes you feel super bonded. To do this move, face him and wrap one leg around his hip as he cradles you. Max out the pleasure for both of you by trying this position in the shower—the hot water will stimulate extra nerve endings.



This face-to-face position is oozing with intimacy—you can make eye contact and stay in a total-body embrace the entire time. Lie on your sides while facing each other, and wrap your legs around his waist as he enters you. Hot tip: Use your legs and feet to pull his body closer for a more intense—and O-rousing—sensation.



Basically a more sensual lap dance, this move gives you total control over your clitoris—and his penis. Have your partner sit on a chair or the edge of the bed, and climb on top of him, moving your body up and down. For extra stimulation, ask him to tease other erogenous parts of your body like your neck, breasts, and face.



Have him assume the position—the pushup position—on top of you as you lie on your back with your legs in the air. This way he’s free to caress your body, move in for a kiss, or pull your hips closer to his—while hitting all of your pleasure zones.



Lie on your left side, and bend your right leg around the right side of his waist. Tell him to go slow, alternately stimulating you with his penis and his fingers. Taking the pace down a notch will add to the romance factor—and you’ll both be going nuts over how amazing this position feels.

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